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1. I/We confirm that the information given herein by me is true and correct. I understand & must provide written notice to Wechat Admin Service JM0781042-H on any change of information as bound by this application. I/We further agree that Wechat Admin Service reserves its rights not to accept this change without providing any reason and may lead to terminationof the Merchant Agreements.
2. I/We understand that Wechat Admin Service may decline this application without giving any reason whatsoever.
3. IWe have read, understand & be bound to all clauses stated in the Merchant Agreement as spelled out and published at and acknowledge that these clauses may be modified by Wechat Admin Service from time to time. I shall always keep myself updated on any modified clauses by visiting the above website.
4. I/We agree to accept the Fee,Rate & Service Charge that have been offered by Wechat Admin Service as per Annexure(s) attached and Wechat Admin Service reserves its rights to change the said Fee, Rate & Service Charge by giving one 30 days written notice.
5. I/We agree to accept all Terms and Conditions that accompany the usage of Mybusiness Service(s). These Terms and Conditions are subjected to be revised by Wechat Admin Service and I will be notified in a manner Wechat Admin Service deens appropriate. *We will proceed your apply service within 3 working days when collected all documents.

By clicking Send button meaning you accept all of term and conditions from Mybusiness (WECHAT ADMIN SERVICE)